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Item 100: Single Travel Pillow

ID : SAE100
Brand : Sae Arc
Condition :  New
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Wooden pillows have been used in Asia for hundreds of years to help maintain the natural curvature of one's spine. It's arc shape allows the usage of your own body weight to correct any misalignment of the spine. It is great for massaging the pressure points and relaxing tight muscles along the spine. Using either the smooth or acupillow is a personal preference as well as using the various pillow levels.

Prior to using the device, find the correct level that feels the most comfortable to the curves of your spine. It is common for beginners to experience soreness after their muscles and spine are corrected and realigned. Make sure to lay straight on the device and breath normally, limiting the time, 1-2 minutes for beginners and gradually increase as needed. When getting up, gently roll to the side instead of sitting up straight. Do not fall asleep or use for long periods of time. Please watch our videos on YouTube posted by various health professionals. Use the device with discretion for your own individual body type.

Warning: If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor prior to use. Soreness may be experienced after use but will subside within several days.

Sae Arc's demonstrative videos are available on YouTube and are recommended before initial usage:

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